Tooth Implant Trips

Tooth implant trip to Helsinki, Finland is a good decision for many reasons!

Above all, the price level is considerably lower in Finland than the US price level.
Dental Clinic Medident – Thommen Implants is one of Europe’s leading dental clinics. The service and care level is of high quality and at least equivalent to the American standard.

The technology in use is the latest and the most modern in the world.
Dental Clinic Medident – Thommen Implants specializes in demanding and aesthetic dental treatments. Our specialists are highly trained, internationally recognized and experienced.

We work with surgeons, unique dentists, dental technicians and ceramists, all under the same roof. Hand-made dental crowns, bridges, and protectors are done in our laboratory located in our clinic! In practice, this means shorter treatment periods than other clinics and guarantees the best possible outcome.

Your dental tourism starts with a free consultation.

Step 1 – Decide on the right time for you

Book the consultation period for the clinic by our Finnish representative Dental Clinic Medident – Thommen Implants

Step 2 – Take flights

You reserve your flights. If necessary, we will help to make flight reservations.
It is common for Helsinki to arrive on the day before the consultation.

Step 3 – Book the contract hotel with us

Dental Clinic Medident – Thommen Implants contract hotel is located near the clinic, and our contract prices are lower than average rates. In these hotels, one night is free for the patient. The contract hotel is located close to the clinic, or there is a free shuttle to the clinic and back. The contract hotel is booked through the Dental Clinic Medident – Thommen Implants Finland. Free airport shuttle service is available for contract hotels (for example Clarion).
You can, of course, stay at any hotel, but then you will make your hotel reservation yourself.

Step 4 – Travel Instructions

In good time before your trip, we will send you a comprehensive Matka Info travel guide and information pack about the tooth implants.

Arrival to Helsinki:

After landing, go to Terminal 2 A for our service desk in the lobby. There is staff knows to wait for you.
Get a patient card with the first date of reception and the time of the clock.
After that, our driver will take you to your hotel (or directly to the clinic, depending on when your treatment starts).

To the clinic:

Contract Hotel Clarion offers free transportation to the clinic and back.
Hotel Amadeus is within walking distance of the clinic.
When arriving at the clinic, go to the reception and present your patient card.
The hotel and clinic staff will take good care of you during your stay.

Going home from your trip:

Before the return day, you can get information from the clinic when our car driver will pick you up at your hotel for the return flight.
If there are any changes during a trip, for example, to a travel program, then fit them in the clinic.
Often, our clients decide to start treatment immediately after consultation when they have received a treatment plan and treatment proposal as well as a bid. If you have to make changes to air tickets and hotel reservations, clinic service staff will be happy to assist you.

Useful information

The clinic is an interpreter of the Finnish language, which we reserve for you at no extra charge.

Care plan and price:
We have one of the best prices what comes to the tooth implants. We offer you the whole package only for 1350€, way cheap that in the US.

The treatment is paid directly to the clinic via credit card, debit card or cash. Each visit will be used to pay for the on-going treatments.
The hotel bill is paid directly to the hotel.

Ask bravely:
Whether you are an interpreter or not, you can always boldly ask questions about your mind. You can also call the Dental Clinic at Medident – Thommen Implant every time; before your trip, during your trip, and after your trip. We are here to help you!